About us

WELES (Hong Kong) Ltd. produces all USB flash drives according to your specifications at factories in Shenzhen, the first Chinese special economic zone on the Hong Kong border.

We only use branded memory chips from well-known manufacturers and combine them with our high-quality yet inexpensive housings. Mating the chips and the controller with the USB stick is a fully automated procedure that is carried out on our production lines.

We can produce about 1,000,000 USB Flash Drives per month and we can print in screen printing or digital printing and we can also engrave according to your request. For data preloading our department is using a high-speed mass preloaders.

Weles (Hong Kong) Limited Service Team

We believe in creating fidelity by providing a high quality product and a superior service. We are committed to a vertical business model which give us more control and flexibility in every area of our business, especially sales, processing and direct fulfillment.
To outperform the competition with product innovation, fast delivery times and fantastic value and best quality is our goal.

The success of our employees lies in continuous training and the fact to learn, develop and grow together with Weles (Hong Kong) Limited. Also we believe in building effective relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers. We are dedicated to responding to customer needs in a timely manner and to caring an open and transparent communication.

Producing USB item is our passion – usb-sticks.cn