Our customers often ask us the following questions:

What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity for plastic and aluminium USB flash drives are 100 USB flash drives.

I am a promotional item dealer. Am I guaranteed neutral delivery to my customer so that I do not need to take care of anything myself?
When ordering please state which information is to be included on the delivery note. You can also send us your own delivery note by e-mail. We will then deliver the goods together with this note. In any case, delivery will be completely neutral in brown cardboard boxes without any lettering.

Why are there no prices on this Internet page?
As the prices for memory chips are extremely volatile, the prices for USB sticks change constantly. This is because a USB stick consists mainly of these memory chips. In order to be able to constantly guarantee the best prices, these are regularly updated accordingly.

How long is the warranty period?
WELES (Hong Kong) Ltd. offers commercial customers a warranty period of one year.

Which countries does WELES (Hong Kong) Ltd. deliver to?
WELES (Hong Kong) Ltd.can deliver worldwide.

Can data be pre-installed on the USB flash drives?
We would be pleased to pre-install data. Upon request data can be installed in such a way that it cannot be deleted. This is eminently suitable for catalogues.

What else apart from memory size and design do I have to take into account in the case of USB flash drives?
In addition to the memory size, reading and writing speed are of primary importance. Unfortunately, this falls by the wayside in the case of many cheap supermarket offers. WELES (Hong Kong) Ltd. only uses high quality branded memory chips like Samsung or Hynix etc..