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High-quality carton / Polystyrol
apx. 130 x 103 x 18 mm
100 units
This new book box makes it possible to print high quality individual designs, even for small USB stick runs of 50 units.
We offer this box for four different models: HK-1305 HK-1589 HK-1301 HK-1302.
This high quality combination of USB stick and box is bound to impress your clients. Even at first glance this will reflect professionalism and quality.
We start by printing a foil layer (gloss or matt finish) in photo quality so that even small image details can be copied clearly. This foil then gets fixed onto the book box. Print can be added on all sides. In this high quality box, the stick is not only stored, it gets embedded perfectly in a custom-made velvet-like layer. There is also space for adding a booklet, e.g. a software manual.

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