USB flash drives directly from the manufacturer from 100 units

We make the USB flash drives!

Weles (Hong Kong) Limited offers you personalised USB drives from 32 MB to 128 GB – printed or engraved with your logo. If required we can also load your USB flash drives directly with your data: e.g. with your brochures, software or movies that you provide.

The USB drive case can be produced in your corporate colours if desired – in keeping with your company’s CI. Ask our service team, it would be a big pleasure to help you in your request.

Leadtimes to suit your requirements.

Weles (Hong Kong) Ltd. offers a special express service for customers with a tight schedule and for spur-of-the-moment requirements: The USB flash drives can be printed or engraved and delivered within seven working days from receipt of the order.

Would you like to know in advance what your logo or your design will look like on the USB stick you have chosen? Simply send us your data by e-mail as an EPS or JPG file. Our graphic designers will take care of the rest. They will produce artwork at no charge and send it you to view. This service is completely without obligation for you, but can be very helpful for decision making.

Are you interested in a particular model or do you require some free-of-charge advice?
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USB flash drive is a small and useful storage medium. In colloquial language this storage media is also called USB mass storage or USB storage sticks. One sometimes hears the term USB memory stick (this term, however, is trademarked by a large electronics company).

Data is written and stored by means of so-called flash storage. Weles (Hong Kong) Ltd.  buys these flash storage chips from the world’s leading chip manufacturers and then inserts them into an appropriate housing. Power consumption in operation is approx. 40mA and <300uA on standby. The durability of the stored data is approx. 10 years, assuming that the USB stick does not run for more than 100,000 cycles during this period. Most USB sticks have a LED control lamp and are produced in conformity with CE and RoHS. As a rule, a USB flash drive is not much larger than a thumb; however, there are also models that are only as big as a finger nail. The USB storage sticks are available in all colours and also in every possible special colour on demand. Every possible design can be produced, whether it be a heart, dog, camera, beer bottle or flower pot.

USB flash drive from  Weles (Hong Kong) Ltd. works on all computers that have a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port. These sticks are produced according to the USB 2.0 specifications, which is noticeable in it’s fast speed. Weles (Hong Kong) Ltd. also offers high speed USB flash drives for particularly demanding applications.

The new standard USB 3.0 was shown for the first time at Cebit 2009. It is said to be ten times faster than the USB 2.0. However, it will still take some time until the computers from the major manufacturers are compatible with the USB 3.0. Every USB stick that is purchased now can also be used later on USB 3.0 devices.

The USB flash drive as a promotional gift continues to enjoy great popularity. At the moment, the memory capacity is normally between 128 MB and 128 GB. However, one is not able to install the 32 GB and 64 GB memory chips into every USB stick. Flash drives between 512 MB and 4 GB in particular are more usual. Our engineers are already developing the first 128 GB sticks. Long-term the sky’s the limit. The USB stick works with the following operating systems: Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/VISTA or higher, as well as Linux (Kernel 2). A driver is only required for Windows98 SE. The USB sticks work accordingly with all IBM OC, Apple and Linux compatible computers as well as with notebooks with USB 1.1 / 2.0 ports.

Prices depend very much on the up-to-the-minute memory price. This changes on a daily basis, just like the price of oil. This is why prices are not shown on this page. Our specialists would be pleased to give you more help –  simply email us and find out about our current prices.

The USB flash drive is eminently suited as a means of promotion and as a marketing tool. It can be printed, engraved and fitted with a dome. Printing can be carried out in different colours and even in photo quality. Engraving is slightly classier. It is particularly recommendable for aluminium and stainless steel sticks. Doming is something special. In this case a three-dimensional surface is pressed onto the stick. Outstanding reproduction of very clear printing and also very difficult colour gradients is possible using this alternative.

In the meantime, many more applications are supplied on a USB flash drive in addition to the mere function as a data storage unit. Everybody is talking about the sticks from the major mobile communication providers that allow wireless UMTS network connection anywhere. However, there are also DVBT sticks that can be used to watch TV on a laptop. Weles (Hong Kong) Ltd.  has so-called stick adapters that can also be used to read out micro SD cards. These micro SD cards – also available from Weles (Hong Kong) – have a memory capacity of up to 8 GB. They can be used in addition to the internal memory of the stick.

Unfortunately, many users do not handle their data very carefully. It has happened more than once that a data carrier with important information has been left behind with a customer or forgotten on a train. It is also possible to bypass the safety measures of a firewall with the USB stick and introduce viruses to a corporate network. This is why care should always be exercised and the data on a USB stick checked regularly using a virus scanner.